About Us


Shri Ramawatar Agarwal started his career as incense sticks trader. His passion and dream to start an enterprise had led to the inception of Shri Balaji incense industries in July 2008. His vision to achieve excellence in incense sticks making business has helped the firm grow every moment. His efforts have made Madhukunj agarbattis the number one incense stick brand of Odisha and amongst the top 10 in India.

At Shri Balaji Incense Industries, our skilful team is committed to create the finest and best blend of incense sticks. Madhukunj agarbattis have a varied range of incense fragrances to suit your mood, occasion and purposes.


Welcome to the fragrant world of Madhukunj agarbattis, founded in 1996 by Shri Rambilash Agarwal, a man with great vision and compassion.

Our wide range of incense stick fragrances has been highly appreciated by a large number of customers. We have always maintained optimum quality and the most reasonable price which has enabled healthy relationships with our esteemed customers. Madhukunj is a flagship product from Shri Balaji incense industries.

The enchanting fragrances will fill your home with serenity and purity. It can create a soulful environment suitable for meditation.

Our perfect product mix for the incense sticks creation provides consumers with a wide range of fragrances to choose, to suit their needs of pooja, meditation and relaxation. Just lit the agarbattis and the fragrances create a positive aura around you.

Our Tagline
“Agarbatti ho toh Madhukunj”

Today, Madhukunj agarbattis have become a common name amongst many households. For many of its happy consumers, they associate quality Agarbatti with only Madhukunj. Hence the tagline “Agarbatti ho toh Madhukunj” was thought off to strengthen the relation of people where they can associate high-quality Agarbatti’s as Madhukunj.

Bollywood diva Juhi Chawla as the brand ambassador and the tagline was launched as part of the new Madhukunj campaign.


  • Best Enterprise Award - was awarded by MSME for generating highest employment within Odisha.
  • Best Entrepreneur Award - Best Entrepreneur Award was given by Andhra Bank.
  • MSME State Award - was given by Sri Naveen Pattnaik ji, Honorable CM of odisha giving recognition as the best Entrepreneur in Micro Manufacturing category.
  • Brand of Odisha - was awarded by marketing adguru Sri Prahlad Kakkar ji declaring Madhukunj as the best fragrance of Odisha.
  • Legendary Leader In Incense Sticks Industry - Award was given by Bollywood celebrity Anil Kapoor in Times Business award event.
  • Best Brand Award - was given in an event organized by Brand Leadership Awards 2020.
  • Emerging 100 Award - Recognized as one of the 100 emerging companies contributing immensely to the growth of india.